A Brief Discussion on the Various Types of Floristry

Floristry deals with creation and trade of flowers. Floristry is actually a group of jobs like flower care, floral design, flower handling and flower delivery. On the other hand florists are those people who assemble flowers to form bouquets. There are typically two types of florist viz. retail florists; these are florists who sell fresh flowers to their local customers. Another type of florists are wholesale florists, these are florists who sell a huge amount of flower each day to a fix customers. The cut flower industry supplies all the raw materials which is required in the floristry business. Now let’s talk about florist shops, one can buy flower and bouquet both from flower outlet and from online flower stores. Indianapolis florist is very famous in this trade of floristry; you will find almost every type of flower and bouquet there.

Now we will talk about floral art, this is basically the assignment of flowers in a bowls, vases or in baskets. Floral art also means the arrangement of foliages, ornamental grasses and herbs in a vessels and baskets. Often it is considered that floral design and floristry are same. Almost every country has its own type of floral design. Indianapolis florist also has their own unique style of floral art. Now we will discuss few types of style of floristry


The origination of this floristry is in Japan. Ikebana is very famous all around the world. The main aspect of this type of floral design is its simplicity and its form. Ikebana is commonly used practiced for personal use.

English garden

By the name we can understand that this is a floral design style of England. In this type of floral design the stems of the plant is designed in an outspread fashion. This type of floral design also uses a huge amount of seasonal flowers and foliages. The main aspect of this style is the arrangement of flowers like delphinium, peonies and roses. The florists who ensure this type of floral design do not use leather leaf, baby’s breath or carnations.

High style

This style of floristry contains linear and modern designs which focus on the floral materials and also on the design of flower. If you compare this high style design with the English garden style you will understand that these two styles are opposite to each other. This type of floristry style amalgamates some unique and tropical flowers like anthodium, protea and paradise etc.

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